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Keith Almgren, who celebrates 35 years in the music industry (2014) and 25th anniversary as music publisher (2015) is a well known name behind the scenes in the music business. Keith is a music publisher and former songwriter mostly lyricist for over 1400 titles, which he wrote, and he is one of the Swedish songwriter who has the most songs that are registered in the STIM's register.

Keith has worked at STIM / ncb, record companies (Sonet), music publishing (proffesional manager Scandinavian Songs), previously own music publishing KA Musikproduction (which was sold to Scandinavian Songs (and now owned by BMG Chrysalis Scandinavia AB), at distribution company, record store, manager, coordinator, artist coach and has also been a music writer and radio host. Keith has also worked at music activities at Fryshuset and has also worked at RML RockMusikLinjen Birkagårdens Folkhögskola and teached music studies about the industry knowledge and lectures about the music industry. 

Keith has also written children's music. A school song book with 25 new written children's songs, which is also available on CD / MC, was released in 1991 of Thore Ehrling Music. Keith has also previously been a children's music producer and has produced 31 children's music productions, mostly in collaboration with and for EMI. 

In autumn 1990 Keith wrote music and lyrics for the film "Black Jack", which went up in Swedish cinemas.

In 1992 Keith where invited as one of the songwriters for the record "Blå" with Lasse Färnlöf melodies among lyricists like Lars Forsell, Olle Adolfson and Peter LeMarc. 1993 he started his own band without being on stage and worked administratively in the background with promotion and produced and released 2 CDs (1993 and 1996). 

Keith has participated many times with several songs in Swedish Melodifestivalen as songwriter and / or music publisher and wrote the wrote the lyrics for ABC to Anna Book and jag har en dröm for Baden Baden (both 1986). Keith has also participated as a music publisher with 10 songs in the Swedish Melodifestivalen 1992, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2010 and 2017.

He has also participated as songwriter and publisher in Schlager-SM in TV3 1994.

Keith has won the Swedish Melodifestivalen two times, 1999 as music publisher (Scandinavian Songs) to the song Tusen och en natt with artist Charlotte Nilsson's (nowadays Charlotte Perrelli) (who also won the Eurovision Song Contest in Jerusalem), and with the song Vindarna viskar mitt namn (When spirits are calling my name) with Roger Pontare, and won the Melodifestivalen for the second year, and was a member of the Swedish delegation at the Eurovision Song Contest in Globe Arena, Stockholm in 2000.

Keith also has, as a music publisher, in addition to participating in the Eurovision Song Contest, with the song Hold Me with Farid Mammadov for Azerbaijan 2013, had about 35 songs for Sweden Songs in other countries' national competitions to Eurovision, Finland 2004, Latvia (3 songs in semifinal) 2013 , Moldova (final in national selection) 2013, Five (5) songs in first pre-selection), Belgium (first phase shortlist process) 2014, Malta (pre-selection) 2014, Malta in national competition 2015, Cyprus (4 songs) in the song project process in Cyprus 2015, Moldova (4 songs) 2015, Lithuania (2 songs) 2015, Lithuania (5 songs) 2016, Moldova (3 songs) 2016, Belarus (there he also was music publisher for a song as interval act) 2016, Austria (Wildcard in national selection) 2016, and Lithuania (2 songs), Georgia, Romania, Belarus (also interval act in the final) and Moldova (in addition to a song in the Swedish competition to ESC Melodfestivalen) 2017. 

Keith was also a music publisher for a song in the music festival Makfest in F.Y.R Macedonia in 2016, and as a music publisher, has have songs for Eurovision artists such as Conchita Wurst (winner of the Eurovision Song Contest), Ryan Dolan (Ireland), Gianluca Bezzina (L-Ahwa) (Malta) Monica Linkyte and Vaidas Baumila (Lithuania) and others.

Keith has had songs that have been tested 29 times for the Swedish chart Svensktoppen, most well known Vem får följa dig hem with Shanes who was 44 weeks on the Swedish chart. In all, Keith had a song on the list for over 1 year in a row! Lätta dina vingar by Kikki Danielsson 17 weeks on the list, Ge mig sol, ge mig hav 11 weeks, Dig ska jag älska 25 weeks on the list, and Keith has also written among others Jeannie for the group Arvingarna (10 weeks on chart). Four (4) of Keith's songs have been voted as the Swedish top songs as the year "Årets SvensktoppsMelodi".

Keith has had 3 songs (record two years in a rowl) in song competition Höstens Melodier and 2 songs in the song competition Se & Hör:s Meloditävling in 1995 and a song in Årets Dansebandsmelodi in Norway in 2004.

After Keith has stopped writing songs and lyrics for more than 10 years, he was co-writing the lyrics for the song I'm gonna get you who competed in, and went to the final in Moldova's national competition for Eurovision 2015.

Keith has participated in hundreds of discs. See some of them Pop Facts Swedish Rock Archive

The list of artists Keith has wrote lyrics and songs for, and recorded and performed his songs can be done long:

Pop, Rock

Anders F Rönnblom, Suzzie´s Orkester, Lili & Susie, Gladys Del Pilar, Black Ingvars, E.M.M.A, Sean Banan etc


After Dark*, Lasse Flinkmann, Anneli Ryde* (live) * Velvet, Magnus Carlsson,* Linda Bentzing & Markoolio * etc (* performed lyrics by Keith)


Anna Book, Baden Baden (Melodifestivalen), Lotta Engberg, Sanna Nielsen, Kikki Danielsson, Shanes, Magnus Carlsson (Barbados), Jenny Öhlund (Jenny Silver), Ann-Louise Hansson, Carina Jaarnek, Anneke Grönloh (Holland) Irina Kitoroaga (Moldova) etc


Mats Rådberg & Rankarna, Christina Lindberg, Anne Kihlström, Bodil Hovenlid, Freetown Highway etc


Vikingarna, Lasse Stefanz, Sven-Ingvars, Sten & Stanley, Thorleifs, Flamingo-kvintetten, Streaplers, Ingmar Nordströms, Wizex, Stefan Borsch, Matz Bladhs, Curt Haagers, Berth-Idoffs, Arvingarna, Blackjack, Barbados, Sannex m.fl

Scandinavia, Trond Erics, Fryd & Gammen, Daensebandet m.fl (Norge)

Kandis, Johnny Hansen, Rickard Ragnwald, Björn Tidmand, Kim & Hallo m.fl (Danmark)

Children´s music

Anna Sahlin (Sahlene), Jessica Ekström-Oakley (Jessie), Marco Rios, Apan Anders, Popkidz, Wednesday, Heartquake, Schlager-kidz, Schlager-Kidz, Mari-Linn (E.M.M.A)*, Isabelle* (Peaches, West End Girls), Lisa Fabre*, Angelique Widengren* m.fl

*(som arrangör) barnvisor (trad.arr)

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